5 Tips before you buy a Digital Camera.

Monday, July 30

5 Tips before you buy a Digital Camera.

"Keep in Mind Tips" before you buy a Digital Camera.
Now a days almost all have at-least a 5 MP  camera in our possession either with a smartphone or any tablets or something. Have you ever felt that these are not enough for your needs? or Are you planning to buy a Digital camera?  then I highly recommend you to keep these 5 simple tips in mind before you walk into a Camera shop.

1. Determine what you need

There may arise a lot of confusions with the camera specifications while buying. Just answer these questions and make an over all idea about your stand. This will make you differentiate the camera models according to your needs.
  • What are the conditions in which you use your camera? (indoor,outdoor, bright light, dim light).
  • What type of captures you are concentrating? (landscapes, portraits,macro).
  • What is the level of experience you have with cameras?
  • How the size and portability of the camera matters you?
  • What is your budget?

2. Facts other than Megapixels.

Over the last 5 years there was a noticeable change in megapixel war among the camera brands. Now its not the megapixel alone that rate a good camera. If you are  planning to print normal quality images from your captures then anything above 5MP is enough. The size of the image in has a direct relationship with the megapixel. If you are seriously going to print high quality images out,  then you choose above 10MP else invest your money in other factors.

3. Keep in mind the ‘extras’.

Keep in mind that the price quote that is displayed for the camera doesn't include the cost of the "extras" that you should carry with it. Those includes Memory cards, Spare battery,Camera case, Battery charger... etc.

4. Choose from DSLR or Point and Shoot.

While digital SLRs are getting more affordable they are not for everyone. Keep in mind that they are usually bigger, heavier, harder to keep clean (if you’re changing lenses) and can be more complicated to operate than point and shoot. Of course there are some upsides also.

5. Optical Zooms are King.

When you see different models of cameras you can see the zoom options talked about. Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom.

I would highly recommend that you only take into consideration the ‘optical zoom’ when making a decision about which camera to buy. Digital zooms simply enlarge the pixels in your shot which does make your subject look bigger, but it also makes it look more pixelated and your picture ‘noisier’. Optical zoom above 3x (means it enlarges up to 3 times the original) is recommended if you are looking for a zooming lens.

Keep in mind these 5 things and I hope you can easily make your choice to shop a new digital camera. Mean while if you found any extra tips that I should include, please comment below and I will include them too.

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