Snuko-The free ultimate Anti-theft software.

Thursday, July 26

Snuko-The free ultimate Anti-theft software.

Have you purchased a new laptop or smartphone ? Then its easy to secure them from theft 'digitally'. You don't have to worry about it any more. Anti Theft Software is a must if you have any of the devices like Laptop,Android/Blackberry/iPhone smartphones, Tablets. I recommend "Snuko"-the all in one pack with almost all premium features for free.

Snuko runs in 2 modes- Normal mode and Lost device mode.Snuko runs as background service in device and gets activated when any unusual activity (like SIM change or wrong user password) gets detected. In Lost device mode the device can be remotely controlled via Internet. Lets have a glimpse of major features Snuko supports.
  • Web control panel optimized for mobile access.
  • Complete device lockdown preventing any use.
  • Block unauthorized SIM cards.
  • Lost Device Report for law enforcement agencies.
  • Device location tracking using GPS, WiFi and cell-tower triangulation.
  • Finder Information Capture.
  • Test Drive Snuko - see it in action prior to loss / theft.
  • Automatic registration in the world’s largest property ownership database.
  • Control your device remotely by SMS.
  • Covertly identify unapproved SIM cards by SMS.
  • Secure Data Backup to protect your personal files and information.
  • Encryption, backup and hiding of data to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Recovery of your contacts, media and other personal files.
  • Spy camera - take pictures of the thief without their knowledge.
  • Set your own Lost and Lock screen messages.
  • Audible Alarm.

You can get Snuko from HERE.

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