Make money online without investment.

Thursday, August 16

Make money online without investment.

Make money online without investment.
Have you tried for any online money making jobs? Yes, I guess. Most of the tries will end up on either a fake offer or  a Scam site. If you are thinking-like-make money online without investment is a bit complicated task then, please read the following 10 ways to make easy cash, but not limited to "10". Yes, its a 100% free hit !!

The 10 ways to make online money is a refined  set that I selected from almost 100 earning ideas. You can build these ideas-follow any number, but I will recommend to focus on any "one".

Make money online without investment
1. Write and publish articles.
If you are good in expressing facts at anything below or above sun, if you can grab others attention by writing then you must follow this method. There are several sites which pay for user article views like Yahoo Voices.

2. Manage domain Names

First you have to choose a popular domain name that is not yet registered, get flipped in flipping sites like Sedo.

3. Get Paid to click
The perfect way to start earning without investment is Pay to Click (PTC). Once you register in any of these sites, you will be provided with some advertisements to see. Advertisers pay those sites for that ads and they will share the revenue with the users.

4. Sell others products (AM).

Affiliate Marketing (AM) is another way to make decent income online. You sell the products provided in the respective AM site and will get a percent of the sale value. It’s better to start a blog or website before entering into this field.

5. Build a forum.
Forums are community based sites which contains user shared contents. There are plenty of forum scripts available like phpbb, Simple Machine Forum (SMF) etc. After making the forum popular you can place ads in that and can earn steady cash though it  require some hard work.

6. Refer people to PayPal or eBay.
PayPal and eBay allows you to refer people to them. This is good way to make a decent income online without investment. Once you have referred them you can sit back and relax. You will get a percent of the buy and sell made by them, to your account.

7. Provide some online tutorials.

Everyday thousands of people are searching for various tutorials in internet like “How to”, “Something Tutorial”. So you can start a blog or join Docstoc and write any kind of tutorials in them and can sell them.

 8. Make money by Transcription.
If you are good at audio, then you can convert audio into text or text into audio (transcription) and can make decent income from them.

9. Sell on eBay.

Start searching for the latest hot selling product in eBay from Here and sell a good product from a reputed seller in eBay. If did in a perfect way this can make you earn around 1000s of dollars per day.

10. Create an Award Website.
Awards have been tested to increase the credibility of any websites which directly increases the traffic to the site and hence income. So make a fancy logo to your website and share to the web masters.

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