Check Gmails without leaving Facebook or Twitter- Chrome extension.

Monday, December 31

Check Gmails without leaving Facebook or Twitter- Chrome extension.

Google mail (Gmail ™) with more than 350 million users became the top email service provider around the globe. With the latest "Google Drive" combination the capacity of each account is increased from 1 GB to 10 GB. Multiple account login has also won the Marketplace.

Have you ever worried about your Gmails while using Facebook or Twitter.If you have a bunch of Gmail accounts you may feel it irritating to check each one by one. Now check your Gmail-s  effortlessly with the most modern Google chrome extensions.These extensions sit in the toolbar of the browser and updates in a specific intervals.

1. Google Mail Multi-Account Checker :

This simple design extension is extremely easy to handle all your email activities within the extension area. The pop-around feature displays the number of unread mails on the Icon area. It will automatically takeover the multiple account credentials if you are already signed in. There is a manual option also in the settings.

Free download from Chrome Web Store.

  • Uses less memory and there by reducing the load in time.
  • Read within the extension like Chat-box.
  • Extra options like "Archive","Mark as Read","Delete","Star".
  • No option to display the "Label" folders.
  • Email once read inside extension won't become a "read email".

2. Checker Plus for Gmail™.

This multi account extension is more advanced than the one above. Obviously this will eat more memory but personally I recommend this one if you are not caring the performance of the browser. The UI customization with some new good features !! Thanks to the author Jason Savard.

Free download from Chrome Web Store.


  • Gmail chat like Voice notification.
  • Option to run in background.
  • Desktop notifications - even when chrome is not running.
  • Gmail-Label View.
  • Directly affects the display of high graphics websites.

If you are comfortable with the Firefox  browser then, there are some firefox addons too which serve the same purpose. You may chose any one from Firefox addons store.Tuning up your Gmail accounts is one step easy with these extensions.

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