Xperia Z-Review,Specifications,price in India 2013-the best of Sony in a smartphone-Stunning Design.

Saturday, January 19

Sony yet again surprised with its latest master piece Xperia™  Z. The  mind blowing Design comes in a 5 " viewing screen and can be compared to Samsung Note™ 2.

The sleek design comes in 3 colors black, white and purple with features like water resistant, dust proof and amazing battery management tool.

Make free international calls from pc or mobile to mobile.

Friday, January 4

How to make free international calls from pc or mobile to mobile ? You may find many services which work on VOIP calls with pc on both ends. But with a change, PennyTel gifts you this new year 2013 with free pc to mobile calls or mobile to mobile calls for 10 million minutes. This limited time offer is launched by the company to attract new customers in this new year. Its easy to avail this offer if you are an Iphone or Android phone user.

Make_free_international_calls_from_pc_or_mobile_to_mobilePennyTel is a leading Australian company  which focus on VoIP communications along with modern facilities like trendy mobile services, innovative phone applications, Hosted PBX & Cloud technology, free money transfer services and online shopping. Starting off as no more than a small telco, they now have over 250 000 customers.

Offer Details
Make FREE calls to: Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the USA;anytime between 20th December 2012 and 20th January 2013


You can call using a number of methods, including:

  • Mobile Phone (with an App).
  • Home Phone (with an ATA).
  • Softphone (on your computer).
  • Callback.
  • IP Phone.

How to make free calls ?

  1. Head to PennyTel offer page and fill your details. You will get a confirmation email with your PennyTel account number.
  2. Login to your PennyTel account with your email and password and change the voip sip password to an eight char/num password. (you can find the settings in "Personal Voip" in "My services").
  3. Download the Iphone or Android or PC application and login with your PennyTel account number and  password.
  4. Wola !! You can now call your family or friends unlimited for free.
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