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Best free Hosting providers

Planning to start a website? Searching for a paid Hosting service? I would suggest to stay with any free hosting service for atleast 3 months and later change to any paid service. There is no replacement for paid web host, and you can find dozens of free hosting services around internet. The reliability is the factor which should be considered. I have short-listed the best 2 free web hosting providers which gives sufficient services for any web starters can try with.

#1 Host-ed

  • URL -
  • Rating - 8.2/10 (303 reviews)
  • Space - 1GB
  • Bandwidth - 10 GB
Additional Features

  • Statistics
  • One Click Scripts Installer
  • Cpanel 11

#2 AwardSpace

Additional Features
  • Webalizer Traffic Statistics

Best Free Web Directories

Web directories are like Libraries which sorts and store every books in their categories. A user who knows the type of the website can find hundreds of similar websites. He can compare those websites, select the most appropriate one from a single space. If you are a web master and want to list your site to web directories. you may try these free web directories which are popular. thus you can publish your website to millions who search in those directories.